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STANDout Alfalfa Seed LogoWe would like to introduce you to our newest variety called “STANDout”. A winter hardy 3 dormancy Alfalfa variety. STANDout has topped numerous tests over multiple locations, guaranteeing performance on your farm. One or two tests don’t mean much! Many high yielding tests over many locations is proof that this variety is a top performer and will yield in the tough as well as the good years. We urge you to check out the yields on STANDout! We’re certain that once you do, you will agree that STANDout is an alfalfa with huge yield potential. Realize that it is almost impossible to top this many trials! No other winter-hardy 3 dormancy alfalfa in recent history has compared to this!

  • In the 1998 Alfalfa Variety trials at Stern’s County (St. Cloud, Minnesota), STANDout placed #2 out of forty-one varieties in the trial, yielding 5.25 tons or 119% of checks.
  • In Lamberton, Minnesota, STANDout placed fifth out of twenty-one varieties with a two year total tonnage of 13.29 tons.
  • In 1998-1999 trials in Chazy, Clinton County, New York, STANDout placed 2nd out of twenty varieties. Two year total tonnage was 12.85 tons. (1998 tonnage 5.94 / 1999 tonnage 6.91)
  • In Cobleskill, Schoharie County, New York, STANDout tied with DK141 for 6th place out of twenty varieties. Two year total tonnage was 10.16 per acre.

STANDout is a fine stemmed, winter-hardy alfalfa which will test high in protein and be a long lifed alfalfa.
Try STANDout! We guarantee you will be impressed!

  •  Winter Hardy
  •  Fine Stemmed
  •  Fabulous Yields
  •  Excellent Across the Board Resistance

* Standout was listed as 4315 Experimental in some trials

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