Future Alfalfa-Seed

Strong Harvest, Strong Future  Charts

Harvesting a field of gangbuster

Above we are harvesting a field of “Gangbusters” and planting a field of “Future”

In our travels from Iowa to Montana to California, we have noticed that certain varieties of alfalfa really stand out in yields, resistances, palatability, and winterhardiness. These were the strains that we used in the parentage of our variety. We succeeded in doing exactly what we set out to do with FUTURE.

We have now been marketing Future for over 12 years to hay producers in 17 states, selling millions of pounds. Future is now probably one of the largest sellers in Eastern Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. We have since seen it make 28 percent protein and 260 RFV. We have growers in Montana, Idaho and Wisconsin who are seeing stands last 7 to 10 years and they are not getting this on other varieties. We have been very adamant that we will not line breed our varieties. If you take a cross out too far, you lose your vigor (and or yield). You also loose your longevity. Our plant breeder tells us that with most varieties you only need to breed to an R rating as this is adequate resistance to protect the plant in the field. So try Future or Standout. You will be impressed, I guarantee it. Israel Ray

FUTURE …. “Improving your future and ours”

harvesting a field of future alfalfa

Harvesting a field of Future

FUTURE, tested as AGI-71, is a fine stemmed, leafy, very palatable variety of alfalfa that is resistant (see Table II) to Bacterial and Fusarium Wilts, Phytophthora Root Rot, Stem Nematode, Verticillium Wilt, Pea Aphid and Spotted Alfalfa Aphid with low resistance to Anthracnose. While it is more winter hardy than Perry, it out produces Perry by an average of 10% and has consistently yielded in the top 13% to 20% of all alfalfas tested nationwide. As a rule, the higher the winterhardiness factor, the finer the stems and this is true with FUTURE. We have also noticed that FUTURE dries down two days sooner than most coarser stemmed alfalfa varieties. With its’ greater hardiness factor and because of the careful selection of its’ parentage, FUTURE is designed for very long stand life to maximize financial return. Our philosophy at Ray Brothers is to give our customers the very best product and service possible.


Many Farmers across the country are asking how will FUTURE do in their area. FUTURE was bred for any part of the northern half of the US. It seems to excel almost everywhere – from the high country of Montana, Colorado and Idaho to Wisconsin and New York to the lower valleys of Washington and Oregon. We are doing well in 15 states. Odds are someone in your area has FUTURE. We sell out every year by May even though we plant more every year, so call early.

“FUTURE is the best yielding variety we have used. We took approximately 7 tons per acre. Our first cutting went 4 tons. We like how nice and fine stemmed it stays.”
—Cliff Hick Matchett Farms, Grand Junction, Colorado

“FUTURE is as good as any hay we have planted. We arranged 6 1/2 tons per acre. It seemed to outweigh the other loads of hay on the trucks.”
—Clifford Verheoff Holly, Colorado

“We planted FUTURE on San Lewis Hills Farms. It always tested premium hay. It lasted a very long time and yielded excellent.”
—Charly Emerich Blanca, Colorado

“We have FUTURE, Apollo and Asgrow varieties. FUTURE yielded 7 1/4 tons which was our best yielder. It also tested 23% protein, which was a couple of points above the other varieties.”
—Mike Dutton Fort Bent Feeders, LaJunta, Colorado

“The dairymen we sell to prefer FUTURE over other varieties we have had. When FUTURE is available, I only plant FUTURE.”
—Wade Aylett Hermiston, Oregon

“FUTURE is as fine stemmed of hay as we have had. Real good hay. FUTURE has averaged over 6 tons per acre.”
—Ron Torgerson Hamer, Idaho

“We have 240 acres of FUTURE, we are planting 220 more. Our haybroker can sell FUTURE when he can’t sell any other variety.”
—Skip Melville Hubbard Ranch, Imuaha, Oregon

“We planted 140 acres of FUTURE. Neighbors would stop to comment that it was the largest windrows they had ever seen. Real good hay! We have averaged 6 1/2 tons the last 2 years.”
—Richard Burmester Arimo, Idaho

“Ray Brothers Alfalfa Seed is as good as any top name brand alfalfa that I have planted. I’ve got five year stands now from FUTURE alfalfa. FUTURE survived a couple pretty harsh winters, where other alfalfas have winter killed. I like the way it stays fine stemmed throughout the years. Really leafy with fast recovery and excellent tonnage. Just what we need – quality alfalfa for our 120 head dairy herd.”
—Richard Keene Dairy Farmer; Potosi, Wisconsin

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