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We market direct to the farmers and ranchers, often talking to them in the fields as they work the ground. Many of our customers have bought from us every year since we started marketing seed and every year we get feedback from the farmers and ranchers as to the performance of our seed compared to other alfalfa seeds on the market. All of this puts us in a unique position in developing a new variety. For years we have marketed Perry alfalfa developed by University of Nebraska at Lincoln because it was the best all around performer that we could find. However, we wanted a variety that combined the fine stemmed, very palatable, high yielding qualities of the Perry with resistance to Phytophthora root rot and Verticillium Wilt and we wanted an increase in tonnage. Our extensive work with farmers, ranchers, and university agronomists and our knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses across the U.S. of the various varieties of alfalfa on the market enabled us to set the parameters for and helped us choose the proper parentage’s of the variety that we wanted.

Ray Brothers has been involved in all aspects of the seed industry for two generations. We are a family-owned farming operation taking pride in offering seed at the most reasonable prices available. We include many years of extensive research and knowledge into “Future”, “Gangbusters” and “STANDout”, which we offer at low prices because we own, produce and market them. This includes the planting, cultivating, watering, pollinating, combining, delivering farm-direct to you the end user.

In 2011 Ray Brothers sold its First bag of Brown Mid Rib silage corn seed and by the end of the season we had sold over 450,000 lb
For 2013 Ray Brothers released Brown Mid Rib Forage corn. We are confident BMR FORAGE CORN will be a huge success and revolutionize the short season summer forage crop.

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